Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems

One of the primary distinguishing factors of Chanakya University is its commitment to Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) as stated in the preamble of the CU Act, ‘The concerns of India and Indian knowledge systems will deeply inform all the knowledge endeavours of the University including teaching, research and practice.’ IKS in brief refers to the wisdom, insights and knowledge repository emerging from the rich civilizational experience of Bharat over thousands of years.

To bring this dream into reality Chanakya University has established a Centre for Excellence (CoE) in IKS to work as an engine for integrating IKS with University activities and culture. The CoE-IKS is a dedicated unit spearheading multi-disciplinary research in the field of Indian Knowledge Systems. The CoE is proactively working with other areas and disciplines to progressively integrate IKS within the disciplinary domains within the University and other institutions. The CoE seeks to address real-life problems in the areas of Sustainable Development, Leadership and Human Excellence from Indic perspectives. Further, the CoE will also act as a hub that networks with several other institutions to provide consultancy, mentoring, training and other services including dissemination through multiple modes of activities. 


To pursue multi-disciplinary activities in IKS that can significantly contribute towards enabling our future generations to seek sustainable solutions in addressing individual and societal challenges. 


  • To carry out research and development in the identified areas that lead to impact-making findings.
  • To integrate IKS with the academic mission of the University.
  • To develop and offer innovative programmes and courses based on IKS. 
  • To publish working papers, monographs and books for wider circulation. 
  • To undertake translation, critical edition and publication of manuscripts and ancient texts.
  • To build a digital library and an e-repository of valuable resources including books, manuscripts etc.
  • To serve as a vibrant resource hub for all the students of IKS from India and abroad. 
  • To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, training, faculty development programmes etc. aiding in advancing the frontiers of knowledge and capacity building of stakeholders. 

Ongoing Projects

Sl. No.Ongoing ProjectsExpected date of completionGrant (if any)
1Project on “Political Concepts in Ramayana, Mahabharata and Arthashastra: An Analysis of Sovereignty, Kingship, Welfare, Market, Diplomacy and War” funded by IKS Division, AICTE. December 2024IKS Division9.6 lakhs
2Three MOOCs on Indian Knowledge Systems.July 2023
3Monograph on Microbiology in Indian Scriptures.
4A MOOC (of 3 credits) on Avadhānam.August 2023CSU, Delhi9 lakhs
5Book on Avadhānam (in Sanskrit) – History, Components and Benefits. March 2024
6A critical edition of a 15th century manuscript Grahaṇa Mukura with explanation in Sanskrit and English and mathematical analysis. May 2023
7A monograph on Dhruva.May 2023
8Textbooks on Indian Astronomy. (in two levels) Dec 2023 (Level 1)
9A collaboration with CESS for a 6-month project sponsored under the Indian Traditional Knowledge Systems (Bharatiya Gnana Parampara) Division of the Ministry of Education (MoE) internship scheme. 

Current Activities 


Broad Areas: Sanskrit Kavya Literature, Indian Astronomy, Chanakya’s Arthaśāstra, Philosophy, Yoga and Indian Psychology 

Sub areas of Research:

Sanskrit Kavya Literature and Avadhānam

  • Studies of lesser-known literary and poetic works
  • Studies of idiomatic expressions in Sanskrit literature 
  • History, components and outcomes of Avadhānam

Indian Astronomy 

  • Studies of the Pre-Bhāskara astronomical works
  • Critical edition of unpublished manuscripts 


  • Political Concepts (Sovereignty, Kingship, Welfare, Market, Diplomacy and War in Ramayana, Mahabharata and Kautilya’s Arthashastra
  • Leadership, Management and Strategy

CIKS is actively working with the concerned schools of the university in integrating IKS in curriculum across different programs at Chanakya University. 

CIKS members are also part of academic bodies such as BoS in other universities/institutions where they are providing critical inputs for IKS integration. 

CIKS has developed the following innovative courses for all the programs of the university –

  • Indian Intellectual Heritage (executed)
  • Appreciating (He)Art 
  • Critical Thinking 

The following courses in the pipeline which will be offered for all the disciplines of the university –

  • Philosophy of Cāṇakya
  • Ethical Reasoning
  • Self-Awareness and Management
  • Indian thoughts on Management of Health, Time and Lifestyle
  • Rediscovering our Itihāsas
  • Political systems: From Manu to Marāṭhas

Spreading the awareness of Indian tradition through the celebration of various important days such as –

  • Kālidāsa Day
  • Gurupūrṇimā
  • Sanskrit month
  • Gītā Jayantī
  • DVG Birthday
  • Indian Philosophers’ Day
Online Courses on
  • Rope Geometry – May 2023
  • Selected sections from the Arthaśāstra – May 2023
  • Indian Astronomy (in four levels) – June 2023
  • Avadhāniśikṣā – May 2023 
Residential Workshop/Summer School
  • Chittapraśama (insights from Yoga, Psychology, Art Appreciation) – May 2023
  • Textual study of any text from Indian Astronomy – June 2023