Art and culture

Art and culture are an expression of beauty appreciating which rejuvenates the heart and soul of an individua. At Chanakya, we are conscious of the legacy of civilizational beauty that India enjoys and warrants conservation and celebration. Be it in the daily sight of a Rangoli in our courtyards, or the fragrant floral ensembles that come for every occasion, or the appealing spread of cuisines that mark festive occasions, we at Chanakya University celebrate art and culture, rendering joyous hearts, and souls immersed in the experience.

The informal meet ups during festive occasions stimulate the students and faculty to invoke experience, both of mundane and of spiritual nature as we celebrate together right from Ugadi in Spring to Sankranti in winter. In that soulful journey, we are reminded of the beauty in the cyclical nature of life and universe. At the heart of celebrating Art and Culture, is the intention to nurture and further creativity and expression, an essential trait that we think future thought leaders must have.