M. A. in Economics

Degree name
M. A. in Economics

The Master’s in Economics is a two-year – full-time degree taught over 4 semesters. Students study 9 compulsory courses and a minimum of seven electives – all courses weighing 4 credits each. First-year students consolidate and advance their understanding of foundational areas of economics by studying advanced microeconomics, advanced macroeconomics, and advanced quantitative techniques/econometrics to equip themselves with the tools to analyse economic phenomena in society. To be able to put this knowledge in perspective through research, in the next semester; students also study a course on research methods in economics that enables them to carry out independent projects/dissertations.

In this program, students study a course on the history of Economic Thought in the second year along with a minimum of 7 electives. The elective courses could be curated to quench the typical thirst of a particular student such that she/he could give wings to the area[s] that ticked their interest in economics in general and economic phenomena in society. Following up on students’ understanding of research methods in economics, and their choice of elective; it is expected that each student turns out a project/dissertation in the area of their interest – This project would be evaluated for 4 credits.