B.C.A Data Science

Eligibility Criteria  

55% and above (or equivalent grade) in PUC/12th/any other equivalent exam conducted by a recognized authority / institution in India or abroad.

An undergraduate program with focused learning to develop competencies and skills to thrive in the digital world by understanding, analyzing, interpreting data and arriving at meaningful insights to make informed business decisions.

Programme Highlights

In addition to the essential competencies a student of BCA will acquire, this specialization will focus on developing skills and mastering techniques related to data science. These include programming languages such as Python and R, statistical analysis, data analysis, data visualization, machine learning and data ethics and privacy.

  1. Programming I [C Programming Language]
  2. Computer Organization and Architecture
  3. Linear Algebra
  4. Programming II [Python Programming Language]
  5. Database Management Systems
  6. Operating Systems
  7. Probability and Systems
  8. Programming III [R Programming Language]
  9. Statistical Inference
  10. Data Structures and Algorithms
  11. Discrete Mathematics
  12. Linear Regression Models
  13. Introduction to Data Science
  14. Data Visualization
  15. Design and Analysis of Experiments
  16. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  17. Data Ethics and Privacy
  18. Data Mining
  19. Machine Learning
  20. Advanced Statistical Methods
  21. Big Data Systems
  22. Deep Learning
  23. Multimedia Data Analytics
  24. Real Time Analytics
  25. Cryptography and Network Security [BTech students may be doing this course under Professional Electives]

Note: Students will be registering for a project each in Semester VI, VII and VIII.

In any software services, solutions, product or research organizations.

At the entry level:

  • Data analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Research analyst or scientist

With the potential to move to a leadership role in the area of data consultancy and data engineering.