Distinguished Lecture Series – Key Transitions in the Indian Economy by Padma Shri Dr. Bibek Debroy

A Distinguished Lecture on “Key Transitions in Indian Economy” by Padma Shri Dr. Bibek Debroy, Chairperson of the Prime Ministers Economic Advisory Council and Chairperson of the Chanakya Fellowship in Social Sciences was held at the Yuvapatha, Jayanagar, Bengaluru. This also officially marked the Launch of the Bengaluru leg of the Campaign for the Chanakya Fellowship Programme. This was an extremely engaging interaction with over 400 attendees from academia, think tanks, media, industry, and civil society. 

During his talk, Dr. Debroy articulated the challenges, points of inflection, and the envisioned trajectory for the Indian Economy till 2047. He stated, “Sweeping predictions about dynamic economies like India are bound to be inaccurate. Yet the trends and projections of growth indicate that the Indian Economy would grow significantly and that will reflect in per capita income, HDI, and a significant reduction in the number of people below the poverty line.”

Dr. Debroy also pointed out that the Indian economy would grow to become a $20 billion economy by 2047.

He also emphasized the impact of digital transitions on the Indian Economy. The other major transitions he underscored were attributed to Policy interventions like GST, tax regulations, and RERA. “This will move India into the ranks of the upper middle-income countries”, envisioned Dr Debroy.

Dr. Debroy also noted the significant strides that the Indian economy has made after the economic reforms of 1991. He stated that the country’s economic progression has received a shot in the arm under the current leadership of Sri Narendra Modi. 

This Lecture was preceded by a student-led roundtable on “Indian Economy @ 2047 – Growth with Equity” organized by the School of Public Policy and Legal Studies, Chanakya University. The Student Round Table provided a platform for young minds to express their perspectives and insights on the future of the Indian economy. 

Concurrently, the announcement of the inaugural cohort of the Chanakya Fellowship in Social Sciences (CFSS) was also done at the event. 

Academic Lead Dr. Chetan Singai presented an overview of the Chanakya Fellowship in Social Sciences (CFSS). CFSS will ensure Fellows understand the vital nuances of social sciences and allied domains with a leading global faculty. This will ensure adaptation to a rigorous academic and work culture. Highly qualified faculty will ensure the fellows graduate with an extremely strong foundation in key domains.

Prof. M.K. Sridhar – Chancellor, Chanakya University, Sri. M.P. Kumar – Pro-Chancellor, Sri Nagraj Reddy – Chief Operating Officer, and Justice Chandrashekhar – High Court of Karnataka (Retd.) and Member, Board of Governors, Chanakya University; and Prof. S. Sadagopan – Member, International Advisory Council, Chanakya University, were present on the occasion along with staff and students at the University.