Chanakya University School of Biosciences

Dr. Roshni.M 

Designation: Research Scientist 

Ph.D., University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bengaluru, India 

Research Areas:
Immunodiagnostics, transgenics, genetic engineering, genome editing, molecular plant pathogen diagnostics and detection, Bioinformatics

Awards and achievements

  • Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute- Shastri Research Student International Fellowship (SICI-SRSF-Doctoral fellowship), MHRD, Govt. of India, 2018
  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research- Senior Research fellow (ICAR-SRF), Govt. of India national fellowship for Doctoral studies, 2016
  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research National Eligibility test (ICAR- NET) holder in the division of Agricultural Biotechnology, 2016
  • Department of Biotechnology sponsored national fellowship (DBT-JNU), Govt. of India for postgraduate studies, 2010


  1. A Biosensor for the Early Detection of Plant Pathogens, Indian patent, filed November 11, 2021 and issued October 03, 2023. Patent no: 456261
  2. Development of an alternative and simple in planta method of plant genetic transformation, Indian patent, filed November 11, 2021. Patent pending. 
  3. Development of a low-cost strata/ platform for the rapid detection of plant pathogens, Indian patent, filed November 11, 2021, Patent pending. 


  1. Kumar, R.M, Anantapur R, Peter A, HV C. Computational investigation of phytoalexins as potential antiviral RAP-1 and RAP-2 (Replication Associated Proteins)inhibitor for the management of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV): a molecular modeling, in silico docking and MM-GBSA study. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics. 2021 14:1-9 
  2. Kumar, R.M., Anantapur, R. & Peter, A. Unravelling the natural dual-target inhibiting potential of cucurbit bioactive compounds for the management of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) through computational approaches. Journal of Proteins Proteomics (2021). 
  3. Ramasetty, B.T., Kumar, R.M. & S, P.H. DNA barcoding and nutritional profiling of underutilized native indigenous plant species of Karnataka, India. Mol Biol Rep (2023). 
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  6. Ramachandra, A., Kumar, R.M, Anitha Peter, Soumya, G. B. And Raviteja, C. R., 2022, Isolation, cloning and Agrobacterium mediated transformation of MYMV Replicase (Rep) gene in Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek for MYMV resistance. Asian Jr. Microbiol, Biotech, Env. Sc. 23: 110-116. 
  7. Ramachandra, A., Kumar, R.M, Anitha Peter, Soumya, G. B And Kiran N. R., 2022, The 3D structure prediction, quality assessment and model validation of Replicase (Rep) protein of mungbean yellow mosaic virus (MYMV). The Pharma Journal,11(4):516-521. 

Book Chapters

  1. Kumar, R.M, Anantapur R, Anitha Peter and Bharathi T.R “Multi-Targeting Potential of  selected Homoeopathic Phytomedicinal Bioactive Compounds (HPmBaCs) for Anti-SARS CoV-2 Treatment” in the book titled “Research Trends in Medical Sciences (Volume – 19)” Akinik Publishers pp 01-29. ISBN: 978-93-5570-408-5 Doi: 
  2. Bharathi, T. R and Kumar, R.M, Phyto-Endophytes for the Sustainable Management of Bacterial Blight Disease in Rice Caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo); Recent Advances and Future Challenges in the book titled “Research in Microbiology (Volume – 7)” Akinik Publishers, pp 09-33. (ISBN 978-93-5570-221-0).