Chanakya University School of Biosciences

PhD programs 

The faculty of the school will conduct cutting-edge basic and applied research in frontier areas of biosciences. The faculty will write research proposals to national and international agencies for funding their individual research projects. The school will also establish institutional research projects in the areas of socio-economic impact, across the schools in the university and in collaboration with academia, industry and hospitals, aligning with national mission programs. The school will establish a robust PhD program to support the research activities.  

PhD programs will be offered in the areas of expertise of the faculty members. The school will offer both an independent PhD program and an integrated PhD program (MSC-PhD). The school will establish strong collaborations with industry to develop an industry-sponsored PhD program. The PhD program will be offered to the following category of students:

  1. Students with National fellowship
  2. Students with Chanakya fellowship 
  3. Industry-sponsored students