Chanakya University School of Biosciences

What we do

The School of Biosciences at Chanakya University aims to embark students on the journey of cutting-edge research along with industrial exposure. The world class infrastructure and accessibility to the state-of-the-art equipment and set up will help students get that hands on experience to enter the competitive world.

The school of biological sciences at Chanakya University has domains/centres with core expertise in specific areas necessary for interdisciplinary research and education programs. The interconnected domains/centres will focus on cutting-edge research in thematic and emerging areas of biosciences with a translational aspiration. The school will offer skill-oriented educational programs at the interface of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and computation. The centres will also develop online educational resources, tools, software and databases in the areas of core expertise. The school will also incubate start-up companies in relevant areas.

The University has adopted an interdisciplinary approach to deliver its programs, and this School will ensure that we have a diverse talent group to work on problems at scale. The University aspires to innovate and provide solutions to the world and thus be an inspiration to the world.