Chanakya University School of Biosciences


Chanakya University aims to provide a holistic education to students through interdisciplinary experiential learning. The objective is to enable creative and analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, effective communication and teamworking skills, preparing them to excel in their chosen career.

The school of biosciences will focus on education programs at the interface of biology, mathematics, chemistry and computational sciences. The curriculum will be a healthy balance of classroom lectures and practical hands-on training. While the curriculum provides the students with the necessary disciplinary depth, students will be encouraged to work on real-world problems in collaboration with academia, industry and hospitals, to develop their own in-depth thinking. The school will also have a PhD program and short-term training programs besides regular education programs.

The School of Biological Sciences will offer education and training programs in various modes to cater to the needs of students, faculty, researchers and working professionals as follows. 

  1.  Graduate programs
  2.  Short-term programs
  3.  Online/hybrid programs

Objectives of the program

  1. Foundational knowledge and skills in various domains of biology.
  2. Acquired skills and knowledge that will enable them to explore a career in a relevant industry or academia.
  3. Ability and skills to design, conduct, and analyse experimental data.
  4. Developed research acumen and analytical thinking to conduct research in the chosen area, and self-learning.
  5. Communication and presentation of scientific results.