School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean’s Message

Welcome to the School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Chanakya. Globally, arts and humanities education has seen something of resurgence lately. Public historians are selling copies of their books in millions, data driven visualisation is the new desirable skill in town, think tanks are growing in number and influence across the country, user-friendly design and user experience demands complex aesthetic and interpretive skills that arts and humanities students can provide, social media analytics has thrown up trillions of bytes of data on human behaviour that might well become a new frontier for psychology and behavioural studies, large language models may start providing new insights into semantic and philosophical issues. Econometrics, data, text, close reading, technology integration and philosophically and historically informed analysis are the skills the world is looking forward to. As much as the future, the past has become a new area of concern, interest and investment. Studying the past deeply, making it speak to the concerns of the present, integrating knowledge systems from different civilisational legacies, and making them speak to the modern global academic ecosystem are all emerging concerns. This also means that the new student of arts and social sciences is powered with a very different skill set and a very different attitude set. 

We invite you to step into this new world, where arts education is not the last resort of students whose options have closed otherwise. This is a world where arts humanities and social sciences education opens up horizons which are newly being formed.