M. Com.

Master's in Commerce (M.Com)


Master’s in Commerce (M.Com) is a specialised post-graduate program of the School of Commerce and Management aimed at generating quality teachers, skilled professionals, and responsible citizens. The program provides in-depth knowledge on advanced courses in commerce viz., accounting, finance, research, and the like. Students pursuing M.Com. program at Chanakya University will be equipped with the requisite domain knowledge, relevant skills, and the right attitude for making an enriching career and contributing towards societal growth and development.


The following are the objectives of the M.Com. Program:

  • To provide in-depth domain knowledge to learners
  • To equip learners with ‘Analytical Problem-solving and Decision-making Skills’
  • To train learners in ‘Digital Skills’
  • To make learners proficient in ‘Communication and Presentation Skills’, and
  • To prepare the learners to become responsible citizens.
  • Academician
  • Research Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Investment Banker
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Sales and Business Development Executive
  • Commercial Banker
  • Insurance and Risk Management Specialist

By the end of the program, the learners will be able to:

  • To demonstrate decision-making ability
  • To create new knowledge through research
  • To explain the utility of each course and illustrate its application
  • To contribute towards societal well-being
  • Contemporary courses and curriculum
  • Industry relevant skills
  • Highly acclaimed and experienced faculty
  • Research-orientation
  • Experiential learning through Live projects, Internships and Immersion programs.

For the M.Com program, we intend to collaborate with:

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • The Institute of Cost Accountants of India
  • The Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • Experienced Chartered Accountant Firms
  • The Centre for Studies in Social Sciences
  • Centre for Educational and Social Studies
  • Institute for Social and Economic Change
  • Hiregange Academy (Among the Top 3 GST Practitioners and Training Institutions in India)
  • University of Texas, Arlington etc.
Finance Business AnalyticsBanking and InsuranceLogistics and Supply Chain Management
Corporate Valuation and Corporate RestructuringDescriptive AnalysisBanking and Financial Services in IndiaBasics of Supply Chain Management
Investment Analysis and ManagementPredictive AnalysisTreasury and Asset-Liability ManagementPrinciples of Logistic Management
Business TaxationPrescriptive AnalysisStrategic Credit ManagementSales and Distribution Management
Risk Management and DerivativesSales AnalyticsInsurance Planning and ManagementWarehousing and Inventory Management
Financial Tools for Strategic Decision MakingHR AnalyticsRisk Management in Banks and Insurance CompaniesE-Commerce
International Financial ManagementCost & Financial AnalyticsBanking Technology and ManagementInternational Logistics Management

Academic Calendar 

Year 1: September 2023 till August 2024

Year 2: September 2024 till August 2025


What is M.Com. Program?

M.Com is a post-graduate program in Commerce.  The program aims at providing contemporary knowledge and relevant skills in the domain of commerce.

What is the duration of the M.Com. program?

M.Com. program at Chanakya University is for a duration of 2 years spread across four semesters.

What is the eligibility for getting admitted into M.Com. program at Chanakya University?

Students who have secured 60% in B.Com/BBA are eligible to apply for M.Com. program at Chanakya University. All applicants are required to appear for an entrance test.  The selection of candidates for the program will be based on the CGPA of the UG program and the score in the entrance test.

What are the courses in M.Com?

M.Com. program covers the following courses:

    • Business Economics
    • Introduction to Business Analytics
    • Modern Marketing
    • Corporate Finance
    • Statistics for Research
    • Indian Accounting Standards
    • Operations Research
    • Legal Aspects of Business
    • Management of Human Resources
    • Business Research
    • International Business
    • Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

What are the Specializations offered in the M.Com program of Chanakya University?

Following are the various specializations or elective courses offered in the M.Com. program:

    • Finance
    • Business Analytics
    • Banking and Insurance
    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

What is unique about the M.Com program at Chanakya University?

The M.Com. program at Chanakya University provides the learner with contemporary and in-depth knowledge in the domain through innovative pedagogy and highly qualified & experienced teachers. The process of learning revolves around ‘research’ and the pedagogy ensures hands-on & experiential learning.

What are the career opportunities for M.Com students?

An M.Com graduate has varied job opportunities including, but not limited to, teaching, training, Accounting, Executive, and higher profiles in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services, research analyst, business analyst, investment analyst, marketing, human resource management, and the like.  The program also enables and equips the candidate to explore entrepreneurial opportunities as well.

What is the difference between M.Com and MBA?

While MBA provides ‘width’, the M.Com program provides ‘depth’ in certain relevant and important domain areas.  An M.Com graduate from Chanakya University is better equipped in conducting research, teaching, and training.