Computer Science


Degree name
B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science is one of the pioneering programs of Chanakya University. It is the right blend of theoretical computer science and computer applications. Specially designed to cater to the needs of the IT industry and provide a rich experience of hands-on training. This makes the students become highly skilled programmers.

Program USPs:

  • All the courses are hands-on training based: Every course (subject) contains practical sessions. Students get high-quality hands-on training for every subject. This enables them to learn the practical aspects of every concept. Hence, they become better professionals.
  • Mix of Industry-Academia Teaching: The school has a special blend of people such as experts from IT firms, academicians, and expert researchers.  This equips the students in multiple ways, and they learn to develop multidirectional perspectives.
  • Industry Mentor for every student from the 3rd semester: The school allocates experts from the IT industry as mentors for the students. In this scheme, every student will be connected to professionals working with reputed organizations in the IT sector. The students will be guided, directed, and moulded by their respective mentors. 
  • Group project during the third year: Students undertake group projects in their interested sub-domain. This is one of the interesting, challenging, and thrilling experiences for the students at the school.
  • One Full Semester Internship in the Relevant Industry: In the final year, all the students get to spend one full semester in a reputed IT company through internships. Upon the successful completion of the same, there are possibilities that they are recruited by the same company. This internship enhances their skill set and the possibility of placement within reputed organizations.

Course structure  

SemesterDiscipline Core (DC) (Major / Minor)Open

Elective (OE)

Foundation Course (FC)Competence Course (CC)Total Credits
IFundamentals of Programming (4), Discrete Mathematics (4),

India’s IT Industry: History and

Future (2)

—–Critical Thinking (2),

Self-Awareness (2)

Language 1 (3),

Language 2 (3)

IIProbability and Statistics (4), Computer Systems (3),

Database Management System I (3)

—–Ethical Reasoning (4)Language 1 (3),

Language 2 (3)

IIIDatabase Management System II (3), Data Structures and

Algorithms (4),

Object Oriented Programming Systems (4),

Statistical Inference with R (3)

OE-1 (3)Intellectual Heritage of India (4)Language/ NCC/ NSS/

Sports/ Other (3)

IVWeb Development

(HTML & JavaScript) (4), Mathematics for Machine Learning (2),

Minor (4):

Operating System (4)

OE-2 (3)Understanding Itihaas (4)Technical Skills/

Thinking Skills/ Research Skills (3)

VMachine Learning (4), Software Project Development (4),

Minor (4)

OE-3 (3)Appreciating Aesthetics (4)Personal Skills/ Leadership Skills/

Project Management/ Research Skills


VICompetitive Programming (4),

Software Security (4),

Minor (4)

OE-4 (3)—–Social Skills/ Citizenship Skills/

Life Skills / SEVA/


/ Research Skills (9)

VIIInternship/Research (4),

Minor (8)

VIIIInternship/Research (4),

Minor (8)