Actuarial Sciences

Master's in Commerce (M.Com)

Degree name
B. Sc. (Hons.) in Actuarial Sciences

This program is designed on par with the Professional Institute of Actuaries. It aims to provide a solid foundation in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Mathematical Finance, and modelling coupled with the necessary modules of Actuarial Science and ample space to develop the younger minds to work as a team with adequate leadership skills. At the end of the program, the learners can become actuarial specialists and thereby seek employment with reputed insurance firms.

Program USPs:

  • All courses are Hands-on: All sessions are covered using Tools.
  • Mix of Industry-Academia Teaching: Teaching is collaborated with industry incorporating projects, workshops, and invited talks
  • Industry Mentor for every student from the 3rd semester onwards: Professionals from various industry sectors such as Finance, Insurance, and Mathematics act as mentors for the students from the 3rd semester. This ensures that students are always connected with the industry.
  • Group project during the third year: Students, in collaboration with the industry and the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, get to take up group projects during the third year. 
  • One Full Semester Internship in the Relevant Industry: Students will be allocated internships or projects in various industry sectors. The students are guided, directed, and moulded by an external industry expert.


Actuarial Investigations: FinancialAdvanced Stochastic Methods in Actuarial Sciences
Optimization MethodsAdvanced Machine learning
Programming for Data ScienceTime Series
Group Insurance and Health Care PrinciplesFinancial Engineering and Loss Reserving
Sampling TechniquesNumerical Methods

Course structure  

Discipline Core (DC) (Major/Minor)Open

Elective (OE)

Foundation Course (FC)Competence Course (CC)Total Credits



· Principles of Risk Management In Insurance (3)

· Problem Solving using Programming (4)

· India’s Insurance

Industry: History and

Future (2)





Critical Thinking (2)

Self-Awareness (2)



Language 1 (3)

Language 2 (3)






· Linear Algebra (3)

· Calculus I (3)

· Mathematical Statistics I(4)



Ethical Reasoning (4)


Language 1 (3)

Language 2 (3)





· Mathematical Finance (4)

· Calculus II (4)

· Micro Economics (3)

· Regression Analysis (4)


OE-1 (3)

Intellectual Heritage of India (3)Language/ NCC/ NSS/

Sports/ Other







· Mathematical Statistics II (4)

· Actuarial Mathematics I (4)

· Advanced Mathematical Finance (4)

· Macro Economics (4)



OE-2 (3)



Understanding Itihaas (4)


Technical Skills Thinking Skills Research Skills (3)







· Corporate Finance (4)

· Financial and Management Accounting(4)

· Risk Modeling (4)

· Actuarial Mathematics II(4)



OE – (3)



Appreciating Aesthetics (4)

Personal Skills Leadership Skills Project Management Research Skills (5) 






· English for Report Writing (2)

· Scholastic Process(3)

· Survival Models (3)

· Introduction to Machine Learning (2)

· Principles and Practice of

Insurance (2)



OE-4 (3)

Social Skills Citizenship Skills/ Life Skills SEVA/

Bharatheeyam Research Skills





VII· Internship/Research (8)

· Minor (4)




· Internship/Research (8)

· Minor (4)