Dr. Ananya Sanyal

Assistant Professor


M.A. , M.Phil. , Ph.D.

American Literature, Diaspora Studies, Indian Literature and Culture

Having completed her Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University, Ananya completed her Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy in Canadian Studies Programme at the School of International Studies, JNU. She has worked as a Researcher at India Policy Foundation (New Delhi) and as a Research Associate at ICSSR. She has written extensively on various social and political issues. She has also been credited for editing books and journals on socio-political issues.

Her doctoral thesis was based on the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora in Canada and was highly accredited for its diverse sociological dimensions. While literature is at the core of her interest and academic endeavours, she is interested in larger social studies and how interdisciplinary contributes to various disciplines. 

Dr. Sanyal is a bibliophile with a special liking for topics on Human evolution, Humour and mysteries, Ms Sanyal’s conversations, formal and informal, show the unique mix of deep analysis at one end and lots of humour at the other. A good blend of the left and the right brain personality!

When asked specifically as to what keeps her going, her quote, “Even the word IMPOSSIBLE says I am possible” is a testimony of what she strongly believes in and follows. She is a firm believer of the silver lining around every dark cloud, a characteristic which makes her colleagues find interactions with her vivacious and delightful. 

  • Educational Qualifications:
Examination NameBoard of ExaminationName of InstituteYear of PassingAggregate
Ph.D. in Canadian StudiesJawaharlal Nehru UniversityJawaharlal Nehru University2021
M.Phil in Canadian StudiesJawaharlal Nehru UniversityJawaharlal Nehru University201673.70%
M.A. in Comparative LiteratureJadavpur UniversityJadavpur University201471.63%
  • Hobbies/Interests: Chess, Reading and Playing the piano.
  • Courses Taught at Chanakya: English

Publications (List):

8. “A Theoretical Understanding of Individual Rights and Group Rights among the Indo-Caribbean in Canada Through A Study of Will Kymlicka’s concept of Liberal Multiculturalism” in UGC CARE-listed Econophysics, Sociophysics and Multidisciplinary Sciences Journal (ESMSJ), 7(10), October 2020. ISSN:2247-2479.

7. “Problems of Social Integration of the Caribbean Diaspora in Canada” in UGC CARE-listed Sambodhi, 43(3), July-September2020. ISSN:2249-6661.

6. “Shani Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms At Night: A Study of Dysfunctionalism and Identity Crisis” in Peer Reviewed Referred Indexed Journal Universe International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (UIJIR), 1(5), October 2020, ISSN(O):2582-6417.

5. “Separatism: the case of Canada and Quebec” in the Annual journal for World Organization for Students and Youth, February 2015.

4. Culture and Pluralism of Bengal under Seize(ed.).Translated in Hindi

3. Communal Fascism (ed.)ISBN: 978-93-84835-23-1.Translated in Hindi

2. Mini Direct Action in West Bengal (research assistance) ISBN: 978-93-84835-20-0.Translated in Hindi

1. Difference of Integration of Afro- and Indo-Caribbeans in Canada: Exploring the writings of Shani Mootoo and Makeda Silvera (Dissertation for Master of Philosophy)